Life changing Discovery through Travel

Travel in today’s world can be challenging with so many online booking agents and companies swamping the market with special deals and cheap flights and although it sounds exciting, it can also be extremely overwhelming. 

Our aim is to guide you through it as your time is precious therefore your time with us is valued.

With over 24 year’s industry experience, Ida has had the opportunity to travel the world extensively, she will work with you so you can plan your trip and ensure that you enjoy the whole booking experience.

Our humanitarian and special group journeys will change the way you think about travel as they will be life changing experiences.

With Ida Portella Business and Travel Services it’s personal and together you will be able to plan and book your best holiday yet.  With her outstanding team of travel partners, rest assured you will be looked after.  You can contact us online at your convenience or in person by appointment.

Our People

Are committed to ensuring they provide you with the best care and personal travel advice. When you book with us its personal!