Gina's Travel Blog

Hello Everyone, my name is Gina Wilson and I am beyond excited to announce that I will be commencing a travel blog for people in the age bracket of (17-30) how exciting?!

This incredible opportunity began in year 10 when I completed a wonderful week with Ida doing work experience on being a travel agent, well let’s say three days thanks to getting the flu. Shortly after completing that experience I got an amazing offer from Ida to begin a traineeship, I was beyond excited. Unexpectedly a pandemic that caused the whole world to go into lock down was introduced a week after I was officially signed on, just my luck. However, the optimism in this business produced by my astounding boss Ida allowed me to keep positive during this time and a big shout out to zoom for our long but effective lessons. 

The purpose of this blog is to help inspire the younger generation to go deeper into the world of travel and experience the great benefits from Australia to worldwide. Making memories while you are young is a priority everyone should have and to travel and see the world without a filter. I will be introducing destinations once a week on this blog that may interest the new gen and open your minds to the world and the unmissable artefacts in it. 

As restrictions start to lift so does the incentive to get out and explore what you have been missing during your time in isolation so I will do my part to keep you updated with the news on COVID-19s situation and how we can work around it by introducing destinations that aren't too far but still a great way to get out and tour.